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“See what I can do for you!”

“Pierre has been my trainer for about 6 months. I’ve worked with many trainers before, without much satisfaction. Pierre is a
great listener who quickly identifies our needs. He prepares programs for me based on my needs, depending what type of race
or competition I have coming up. To get to know me, he came to swim and run with me. Thanks to these sessions, he was able
to guide me and I improved my swimming and running techniques. Pierre is interested by his clients and regularly comes to
competitions to cheer us on. Thanks to his guidance, I have successfully completed 2 half-marathons, a long-distance duathlon,
and a triathlon.”
Christian, Ste-Thérèse

“I’ve been training 3 times per week with Pierre for several weeks now. We do cardio and strength training. I appreciate the
exercises that he suggests and the feeling of well-being that follows our sessions. He created an exercise program for me, which
allows me to properly execute my movements and correct them as necessary. In addition, his presence is a source of motivation.”
Marie-Chantal, Rosemère

“I called Pierre last spring with a very specific objective. I’m 42, and for the last 2 years, I’ve been practicing karate 2 to 3 times
per week. I get great benefits from this highly cardiovascular sport. I would complete my weekly training session with additional
cycling and running sessions. However, during matches, which are short (1-2 minutes) but at very high intensities, I was finding
it very hard to follow the rhythm and intensity required. I was suffering! I was starting to dread this part of my sport. That’s when
I called Pierre, without really knowing if there was a chance of improving. He rapidly identified my strengths and weaknesses, as
well as what was missing from my training. He showed himself very encouraging from the beginning. He suggested I add simple
but effective exercises to my routine. Pierre considered my needs, my environment, equipment available to me, and short-term
goals I could quickly achieve. He is passionate about exercise and his enthusiasm is contagious. To my great surprise, I quickly
improved my endurance during matches and I must say that I now enjoy that aspect a lot more! One of the lessons that has
stuck with me: you sometimes need to change your routine to improve your performance and shape.”
Nancy, Montreal

“I’ve been running for several years and I couldn’t find a way to improve my performances – I had plateaued. While discussing
with Pierre, he asked me certain questions and offered to meet me to discover my strengths and weaknesses. To my surprise,
Pierre found a great lack of flexibility at the level of my hips and hamstrings – therefore, I had bad running posture, plus a lack
of strength associated with spending most of my day in front of a computer screen. Pierre gave me an exercise program to target flexibility, muscular strength, and running in intervals adapted to my fitness level. In a few weeks, I discovered a new way of
running, and faster than ever. Thank you very much Pierre.”
Francois, Montreal


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